Monday, April 5, 2010

Night Photography

For my night photography assignment, I and two subjects went outside of Billings, Montana on the Roundup Road to get away from all the city lights to do our shooting.
For this photograph, I had two people dance around with flashlights to make the streams of light while I held the shutter open on the BULB mode on my Canon Rebel Xsi. I then had one of my subjects stand in the middle of what would be the streams of light while the other subject painted him with a flashlight. I then let the exposure go on for another 30 seconds to ensure that the stars in the background would be illuminated. The whole exposure was 2 minutes.
This photograph was done in much the same manner as the first one, but I only used one subject and he painted the word "LOVE" in the middle of the frame. I cropped the bottom of the composition slightly to get rid of light reflection on the ground. I felt that the floating "LOVE" and the starts in the background were more powerful as the only light in the photograph.
For this composition, I had my subject stand in front of the camera and hold his pose while I used a flash light to illuminate him while I focused my camera on him. I then had an assistant hold done the shutter on the BULB mode while I took a red flash light and made the streaming lines come out of the subject's hand. After I had used the red light, I went and laid down in front of the subject and illuminated him with the light from a regular flashlight to get the details of the subject in the frame.
For my kiwi pictures, I cut the kiwi into thin pieces and placed them on top of a glass coffee table. I then set my not-so-stable tripod up on the table so that I could get a downward view of the kiwis. I set my camera up for an exposure and used a flash light under the coffee table to illuminate the kiwis. I did quite a bit of editing to this first picture. I, obviously, used the saturation tool to turn all but the middle kiwi into black and white. Then I upped the contrast, sharpened the photograph, and blurred the black and white kiwis slightly.
This photo was done much the same as the first, but I used a red light instead. I love the contrast between the middle of the kiwi and the outer edges. :)

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  1. These are the type of photos you could frame for wall art. This and the green kiwi. Cool!!!